About Us

We believe that good products should be within reach, and the cost of a natural lifestyle shouldn’t be prohibitive. In fact, we believe this should be every consumer’s right. Our products encourage a healthful, natural lifestyle. And we want every like-minded individual to be able to enjoy the benefits of our high standards:


All Natural

Yes, our products are always free from any chemical or synthetic alteration. We believe you have a right to know what’s in the goods you purchase. And we keep it just that simple: All of our products are 100% All Natural, 100% of the time.


Premium Organic Ingredients

We make products with Premium Organic Ingredients affordable. For example, we sought out the best organic extra virgin olive oil for our Lip Shimmer — and we offer it to you without over-the-top markups. We’re scrupulous about every ingredient we select, and you benefit.


Our Responsibility

It’s not lip service or a trendy attitude, we are proud of our ever-evolving eco-conscious mindset, and we feel every company should follow suit. Before that can happen, we have to set a good example with our own Environmental & Social Responsibility. Our progressive strategy includes: Animal Cruelty Free Products, Eco-friendly Packaging & Recycled Materials – at realistic price points.


Made in the USA

That’s right, not only are we eco-conscious, but we’re also econo-conscious. We think it’s obvious that environmental, social, and economic stability are interdependent. So our far-sighted approach to commerce considers the big picture: Strength and stability start at home. That’s why all Simply products are Made in the USA. And we’re proud of it, too.


We’re working to level-set what people can expect from companies...so the consumer remembers they have the power to insist on the highest standards. Simply choose premium organic products without absurd markups.